Mindfulness Meditations for Remote Teams

Get your team focused, lower stress levels and increase productivity with live mindful guided meditations.

For Your Whole Team

Your entire team will be able to participate in mindful meditations. No per user fees. If they can't make it, we'll save the recordings in your team account.

Live Webinar

We schedule a live webinar based on your team schedule preferences. Meditation sessions are accessible for all levels of experience.

Mindful Newsletter

We'll send out a monthly team branded mindfulness and awareness newsletter with links to recorded sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this work? What do I have to do?

To get started, pick how often you'd like to have these group meditation webinars. We schedule them and send out an invite to your team. When it's time, join the webinar. If you miss it, we'll upload it to your team area to listen to whenever you want.

How can I tell my team we're starting this program?

During our strategy session call we'll go through a starter guide that suits your team's branding including email announcements and graphics for you to use in your internal communications and meeting invites to let your team know when the meditation sessions have been scheduled.

Are these guided meditations? How long does it last?

Yes, these are guided meditations. To reach as many people as possible, every session begins with an introductory overview and gentle start to meditating. Each session lasts about twenty minutes.

Is it really unlimited team members?

Yes, you can add as many team members to your account as you would like. We have a limit on live attendees during the webinar but not for the recordings that are available afterwards. If you'd like to have over 100 team members live on the webinar, get in touch with us so we can arrange a custom plan for you.

Is my credit card safe on this site?

Yes! Our site is HTTPS secure and we use Stripe to process payments, so we never store your credit card information.

Have more questions?

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